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 Outrage: Sister Molly Cleary vs. The Catholic Church 

by Avery Michael - Paula Dail's pen name as a fiction author. 

Sister Molly Cleary’s fearless journey to seek reproductive justice for women is a powerful testament to the ongoing struggle for women’s rights. In an era when Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are under threat, women risk losing significant social and personal freedoms and opportunities. States are stripping away reproductive rights and issues uniquely important to women, including childcare subsidies, fair, living wages, equal opportunity and affirmative action protections, healthcare access, and voting rights are all facing political assault. Fighting back is not optional – it is critical.

Standing on the shoulders of women of previous eras who rose up to these challenges, Molly Cleary serves as a beacon of hope and resilience. Her story is a call to action for all women to step up, fight for justice and claim their power. These difficult, life-saving battles require unwavering commitment, dogged determination and fearless struggle, and won’t be fought for us – we have to fight, and win, them ourselves. Molly Cleary's story inspires us to take up that fight.


Published by Manhattan Book Group (MindStir Media) and due for release in summer 2024. Purchasing details will be available soon.    


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