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Literary Titan GOLD STAR AWARD winner

                                          Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece

         Fearless is an empowering book that contains an important lesson: no matter the circumstances, if someone is dedicated and courageous enough, they can use their voice to stand up for their rights and succeed. This stirring emotional book is an emotional roller coaster and contains an amazing message.   

It is guaranteed to awaken the feminist inside you.

                                                                                                               Literary Titan Book Review 

Readers' Choice SILVER STAR AWARD winner

                                              Insightful, Captivating, and Sometimes Harrowing

 Inspired by the collective stories of real women, Fearless is an insightful, captivating, and sometimes harrowing novel about the pursuit of greater equality, justice, and reproductive rights for women. The book highlights the patriarchal control and authoritarianism that exists in society and the Catholic church today...                                                            Readers' Choice Book Review


Reader's Favorite 5-Star Reviews...

Reviewer Rating: ***** 5 Stars  A “Must Read”…


I cannot express how much I loved this book. Kudos to Paula Dail for weaving research so beautifully into an engaging and unique plot. As I hungrily turned the pages of Fearless, through Maggie I came face to face with all the unanswered questions and inexplicable beliefs held by Catholicism and diverse organized religions. This novel proved to be far from just an interesting story with an unforgettable protagonist. This is a thinker’s book. It’s for those who dare to question the religions into which many of us are born: we are the ones not afraid of the answers if they don’t gel with what we’ve been taught. Fearless most likely won’t appeal to those who prefer to live with the devil they know than the one they don’t. But for those with enquiring minds, Fearless is a “must-read”. 

                                                                                                                               Readers’ Favorite review by Viga Boland 

 Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars  **** An Awesome story...

      Fearless by Paula Dáil is inspired by the true story of a fearless Catholic nun who fought for what she truly believed.

 Released at a time when women in the United States are fighting for their reproductive rights and their rights as humans, Fearless is the perfect story to remind people some things are worth fighting for. While abortion and women’s reproductive rights are huge issues at the moment, Maggie Corrigan's struggles and her active participation in the fight just show how deep the issue is in society. It gave me great joy to know women like her existed outside of books and helped women who were stuck in loveless and fearful marriages.

The narrative style was gentle and very simple, which complemented Maggie’s character exceptionally well. I was in awe of how well the story transitioned and flowed through the chapters. While the work she started may be far from over, her message to fight until your last breath will live on forever. 

                                                                                                           Readers’ Favorite Review by Rabia Tanveer                                        

Reviewer Rating: ***** 5 Stars  Empowering, Realistic Message – Superbly Well Written


      Fearless is an astute and heartfelt examination of the role of women in society and the Catholic Church.

 Books with these kinds of empowering, realistic messages are much needed in the oppressive world of fake news and false rhetoric we live in. One of the things I most enjoyed about this work was the protagonist, Sister Maggie Corrigan’s spirit and tenacity, even in the darkest times, and the moments where author Paula Dáil explores conversations, themes, and dialogues that are hauntingly familiar to what’s happening in the USA right now. Readers who are in tune with the women’s reproductive rights movement and those who have found themselves victims of religious oppression are certain to relate strongly to the concepts that are woven into Sister Maggie’s life story. I also felt that the development of the dialogue and the emotional portrayal of the characters through their words and actions was superbly well done. Overall, I would certainly recommend Fearless to women’s fiction readers everywhere.

                                                                                                                           Readers’ Favorite Review by K.C. Finn                                

*****5 STARS Strong-willed Feminist Novel


     While religion is a focal point of this story, Dail creates a story unlike anything you'd expect. I opened the book expecting a soft launch of a slightly feminist nun, but Dail creates something much bigger and manages to humanize a woman many people would stereotype. Sister Maggie Corrigan is a main character and lover of women's fiction will be glad to discover. She is an inspiring feminist, which is reason enough to pick up a copy of Fearless.

                                                                                    Independent Book Review  by Jaylynn Korrell

*****5 Stars   Inspires Serious Reflection


Paula Dáil offers a dazzling image of Sister Maggie Corrigan…This book and Maggie Corrigan’s tale will inspire serious reflection in readers and push them to question what they believe.  You will be entertained, inspired, and then you will think, realistically, about one of the most controversial topics that is the highlight of discussion in American politics. 

                                                                      The Book Commentary review by: Romuald Dzemo


 FEARLESS: A Powerhouse of A Story 


     Motherless and impoverished are two sentiments playing a key role in a story in which Sister Maggie Corrigan comes to represent not just piety, but a special brand of woman whose purpose seems clear: to both support and rebel against the Church she loves. The result is a powerhouse of a story especially recommended for readers steeped in and supportive of the Catholic faith, but critical of some of its social interactions.

   Engaging Novel Confronts Catholic Church Patriarchy


            In “Fearless” Dr. Paula Dail confronts the problem of patriarchy and authoritarianism that pervades the Catholic Church. The protagonist is Sister Maggie Corrigan, a nun whose life mission was fighting for Catholic women caught in the grip of a rigid Church that forbade birth control, condemning women to a baby-making role even if they died in the process.

      I was captivated reading this novel which the author indicates is inspired by a true story. I felt Sister Maggie’s story, was happy for her wins and sad for her losses. She didn’t win all her battles, but Maggie changed everyone with whom she interacted whether it was a woman battling for custody of her children, women fighting for reproductive freedom, or the Church hierarchy for their untenable positions on birth control and marriage. I highly recommend this engaging, well-written novel.  -Alice Thieman



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