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A collection of essays by women (and one man)protesting the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election that placed a narcissistic misogynist in the White House. Winner of three International Book Awards in the categories of Anthology (1st place), Social Change (`1st place), and Women's Issues (finalist). General introduction, introduction to each section, and conclusion written by Paula Dail. 


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A feminist perspective on 21st century poverty illustrated in the words of women forced to live every day with social policies they had no voice in configuring and continue to hold them captive. Winner of the Council for Wisconsin Writers 2012 Derleth-Kingery Non-fiction Book of the Year Award and Independent Publishers' First Place Award for Women's Issues.

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Women own nearly half of all American farmland and are taking a leading role in overhauling a complex, often dysfunctional food system historically dominated by men. In this book eight smart, independent, hard-working, and politically astute women farmers explain how and why they persevere, despite treacherous weather conditions and erratic commodities markets.  Winner of the Council for Wisconsin Writers 2016 August Derleth Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award.

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"Sometimes I feel like a jackass in a hailstorm - I just have to stand here and take it. But what the hell - it'll stop hailing sooner or later..." one tirelessly optimistic Midwestern farmer struggling to survive on some of the richest farmland in the world explained. 
This book refutes the common image of the poor as lazy slackers averse to work. In reality, fiercely independent, politically astute, hard-working men and women possessing a wide array of useful skills populate the rural heartland. They struggle to stay afloat in small-town economies that rise and fall on the whims of remote farm policy decisions, a volatile world marketplace, and Mother Nature, who is a fickle, wildly unpredictable business partner.

Winner of a 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

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